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In addition to these certifiers, INGÁ maintains a staff that monitors the entire production process, meeting the highest national and international standards of quality, which put INGÁ’s mineral water as the first Brazilian mineral water to be certified at the national and international levels, bringing with it an important point for the mineral water industry from Minas Gerais and Brazil.

To earn this merit Hidrobrás has maintained an important development within researches, in which has sought to concentrate their efforts on a product that can meet the needs of its customers and with a view towards exports, a marketstill incipient in Brazil.

International Certificate of Quality 1E-541

An International Quality Certification granted by NSF - National Sanitisation Foundation from USA accredited by WHO - World Health Organization, FDA (Food and Drug Administration), a strict agency that controls the quality of food and remedies in the United States and recognized in 81 countries.



Among other prizes awarded in several categoriesare the "TOP OF MIND" prizes -Common Market and Successful Brands in these categories:


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